Experienced in #InfoSec? Want to help journalists stay safe and change the world? OCCRP is hiring a Security Analyst:

This can be a remote position, but relocation to beautiful Sarajevo is welcome. Don't let the requirement list put you off, apply even if you feel you might not fully meet all them.

You'll be working in a global team of techies, using FLOSS technologies, keeping data and people safe and secure in the changing digital landscape.

Tell your friends, too!

A message from our Tech Team:

Many of #InfoSec folk here on #Fediverse have boosted and favourited our toot about Security Analyst position we have open -- thank you!

And yet we have not received a lot of applications so far.

Don't be shy. Don't let the Impostor Syndrome get to you. You don't need a diploma or dozens of certificates to apply. You won't be wasting our time.

We're hackers like you. We need you.



Well, you didn't mention anything about salary; and as much as we want to help, a full-time position must be paid (and the amount it will be paid is a factor of the equation).

@LienRag it is a paid position, we mentioned:

> Honorarium will be based on experience and location: we’re a non-profit, but we take care of our Staff.

As an NGO we will not be able to pay a honorarium on the industry level from Silicon Valley, obviously. But we try to be fair.

Please apply and provide you salary expectations, and we will gladly discuss.

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