Yes, white people, you actually have to put some honest work into making sure the fedi does not become a haven for bigots.

The core of the problem isn't that the fedi has hateful people. They are always going too be around.

The problem is that people that are in a position to help with the issue usually don't and just choose to hide.

That's how intolerance and hate perpetuates itself. It exploits the gap of indifference.

We can be better. The question is why don't we.

I always kind of chuckle at the fatalism of white 'progressives' when they come into contact with the pervasiveness with bigotry.

No, it's not the end of the world. Very far from it in fact. Marginalized and oppressed people have been doing this work for a very long time.

You just have to actually back up what you say with action rather than cute words that impress your friends at brunch.

If more people got in the game, it would be easier from everyone.

It really comes down to the idea of people wanting a better place.

Do you want an inclusive, diverse and safe space or do you just want to replicate the experience of other social media platforms with the social groups you are comfortable with?

If you want a better place, you're going to have to fight for it. It's not going to just happen because you have a few Black and/or trans friends in your follow list.

You have to show up for the ideals you profess. Consistently. Again and again.

I'm an optimist because these fools have been trying to take me out since I discovered online spaces and they haven't. They can't. They've tried everything from threats to harassment to attacking organizations I've woken with, etc.

At the end of the day, I _know_ I'm just stronger than they are. I am winning by the simple fact I am still existing in a place of competence, happiness and not dictated by fear.

And we can all get to that place. We just gotta try harder.


If they weren't able to take you out of online spaces though they tried everything, what makes you think it's possible to take them out?



I mean, one ot the reasons they were not able to take you out is your personal fortitude, but the main reason is that the tools are designed to protect against censorship.
So, if they use the same tools, how do you consider they can be taken out of the fediverse?

@LienRag You need to read what I’m saying instead of making up your own conclusions.

I have no interest in discussing a thought that you have completely fabricated.

Enjoy your day.

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