Nobody else has defined "zombie fungus takeover attack" before, but I think it's the best term I can come up with

Also adds, as a weird and semi-unintentional bonus, a way for an actor to say "am I who I think I am?" with the `eq?` operator.

Me: "I just implemented a zombie fungus takeover attack, I hope this is useful information without any further context"
Presumably my followers: "It isn't"

So here's some context:

In Goblinoid, an actor can specify that it wants to "become" another actor, kind of like in erlang. Unintentionally, an actor might call some procedure which instead of returning a value, would say "No, you're this thing now!"

That's fixed now; on invocation / message receive, the actor now gets a "become" ocap unique to that actor (but re-used between invocations). Now only someone with that reference can perform becoming-ness.

BTW the key to how this works uses sealers/unsealers. You may remember I discussed them yesterday:

The "become" operator is actually a sealer! The "kernel" that calls each actor has set up a unique sealer/unsealer/sealed? triplet per actor, passes in the "become-sealer" on invocation, and will only accept a "become" sealed by that particular sealer.

Sealers/unsealers: useful in all sorts of places!

An actor can allow another actor to tell them what to become, but only if they consensually pass the authority to do that to the other actor. I suspect that'll be rare.



And what happens when an actor and another actor walk into a bar? What does the server tell them?

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