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The idea was not to deliver food (or whatever) over a 10 non-SI-unit distance for 5$, it was to make a short detour to get the food (and a short detour to deliver the food) on a pre-decided 10 non-SI-unit.
Was the idea viable? It probably made two assumptions :
1 - that all people live in dense areas where there would be enough trafic for providing at least one interested driver for any given route at any given time
2 - that human behaves according to financial incentives

The second one is maybe the falseness that doomed the idea...

@yogthos @panais

But maybe a dense enough network could fix that?
Because then the incentive would not be a negligible sum of money but helping out peers, and the payment would only be on top of that to ensure fairness and long-term economic viability.

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