This piece about Lambda School seems pretty damning

Maybe it's my survivor's bias, but I wonder whether or not it isn't better if pursuing a non-accredited-degree based entry into CS, being "self-taught" (or more accurately, "community taught") isn't more likely to be successful. Of course there are privilege problems with that (but there also appear to be with Lambda School); I think many of those have to do w/ availability of a community you can be co-mentored by.



Or maybe it's simply better to join the civilized world and have free education for everybody?

(isn't there an election coming soon where you are? with one candidate advocating for precisely this?)


(not to say that your remarks aren't interesting in the current sad situation your people are in)

@LienRag I mean, yes, though I'm not 100% optimistic about the election, nor the chances that a good candidate winning will be able to fix All The Problems on their own!

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