There are several opinions weather it's great what Julien Assange is doing or shit.

But he just asked for a decentralized twitter 'alternative'.
I've told him about the fediverse, #ssb and such.

Would you like to see Julien Assange joining the fediverse?

boost: yes
fav: no

Many boosts could motivate him to join, as I will forward it to him.
Many favs, to better stay away.


@paulfree14 Why should he care about the opinion of a few mastonauts?

@LienRag he asked for federated network.
There are several. His desicion will be based on the technology but also how he would be welcomed.

If majority of ppl here would say, fuck off he might just choose another software.

@paulfree14 They are federated, aren't they?
So what importance is the software he uses?
(I know that the Fediverse doesn't connect with the Federation, but Hubzilla is working on that IIUC)

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