New release for !

The v0.9.0 brings some new features to manage your NFOs and your schedules better.

Beside that the main change is prismedia now uses for packaging (and is now more pythonic structured 😂 )

It means some manipulations to upgrade for those already using prismedia, see the CHANGELOG

Ideally, in the future prismedia will be available as a pip package 🙏

(I need to dig a little about how to publish and how to ensure the package is signed to avoid someone publishing bad code ^^)

Thanks a lot to @Zykino and @rigelk for their work, advices and tests on this release 😘 💪 👏

I didn't do anything for this release (just old ideas you implemented) congrats to you for the hard work !

Ideas, descriptions, and help concerning Windows are all noticeable parts of the work 😋

Hope you'll love this release ! ;-)


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