Live streaming has seen its first PR merged in today:

You can learn more about how it will work in the detailed PR description.

Please note some points are still left to discuss in the PR, and you're very welcome to help with them!

@rigelk Oh ! Woow ! Nice. So can we expect to use the streaming key in a Jitsi to make a connection between two instances when livestreaming a conference / meeting, in the future ? :blobaww:

@ButterflyOfFire no, they don't support streaming to PeerTube as a dedicated feature since it's not yet released, but they support streaming to any RTMP endpoint, which is what PeerTube is in the end*.

*as stated in the PR description.

@ButterflyOfFire no, since Jitsi (or more specifically Jibri) only supports YouTube, and its only PR for generic RTMP endpoints is going the way of whitelisting domain names… ->

@rigelk Hyyype!!! 🎉
Congratulation on reaching this!

Just a comment (not sure if it is better here or on Github): The stream infos (especially the key) should be hidden by default. The copy button should still work while hidden.

Twitch (and even streamlabs) hide the keys. On twitch there is even a popup to display the key. See my screenshots (in FR but subtitles in EN).

By the way what happens if 2 OBS start a stream on the same key ? Second override the first ?

@Zykino you should answer on the PR so that we can keep track of this

@rigelk Merci pour ce magnifique travail. On va pouvoir filmer les violences policières (si les circonstances l’exigent bien sûr) 😈

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