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Google are bastards and are refusing my update because of the donation system <3

Riggie Mercury a partagé
Riggie Mercury a partagé
Riggie Mercury a partagé

PianoTV is a PeerTube channel about music and its history (especially classical music), hosted by an enthusiastic piano teacher. You can follow at:

➡️ @pianotv

You can see the full selection of videos at

#Music #ClassicalMusic #Classical #Piano #Pianist #History #MusicalHistory #HistoryOfMusic #Videos #PeerTube #PeerTubers #Education #Learning

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Elle était attendue par beaucoup et se généralise chez toutes les banques. L'authentification à deux facteurs (2FA) pour se connecter à votre banque et récupérer vos opérations bancaires sera dans la prochaine version de #Kresus ! (Ou dans une version nightly pour les impatient.e.s)

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Vous n'imaginez pas à quel point Overleaf est un logiciel ultra puissant. On l'utilise depuis quelques dossiers à LQDN, et ça facilite vraiment le travail à plusieurs. Ça réduit énormément les petites frictions dans les dernières étapes avant la version finale d'un document.

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Riggie Mercury a partagé

After several months, @mobilizon is out!

It seems to be a very good fit in these times of protests when people need to self-organize to fight for their rights, away from large companies which can and have already censored them!

Have a look at the guided tour @Framasoft offers in their blog, it’s full of great ideas.

Congrats to them, I’m happy to support you financially, and it was well worth the wait 🎉

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#JeRecrute Mediapart recherche un profil expérimenté en cybersécurité, basé à Paris

Chargé·e de la sécurité informatique de Mediapart, vous aurez pour mission de concourir à l'amélioration continue du niveau de sécurité

Candidature via un challenge RootMe

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Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data.

Go behind the scenes of the design of #Mobilizon, our new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook.

(illus CC-By @davidrevoy)

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Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but the youtube-dl takedown also screwed over journalists who relied on it for archival and analysis purposes:

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> Prof d'histoire géo, je suis passé de feignasse à rempart contre la barbarie puis à complice des islamistes en même pas une semaine, je suis complètement paumé

J'ai lu ça et j'ai rigolé, puis pleuré.

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I have brought up an RSS-to-ActivityPub server. It can convert any RSS feed into a ActivityPub actor, so that one can follow them from Mastodon, Misskey or other ActivityPub compatible platforms to receive updates of the feed.
It's still under development so please do not abuse.

I have modified the code so that it should be compatible with latest version of Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey.

Feel free to report any issues on GitHub:

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@dada On t’as dit que c’est pas un échec ! C’est juste que ça ne marche pas.
Pas dur à comprendre, quand même :troll:

la semaine prochaine, c’est migration de vers

Zola m’a bien servi et réconcilié avec les système de génération de blog, mais il est trop limitant dès lors que je veux modifier sa manière de générer mon markdown.

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@rysiek Sadly, Switzerland has article 39a in it’s copyright act. It is illegal “to … advertise or possess for commercial purposes” anything that enables “the circumvention of effective technological measures”. At the same time, Switzerland limits copyright, e.g. I can make copies of protected works for myself or my close friends and family. It is my right to this, but I can’t get the tools to do this because the tools cannot be given to me, as explained above. 😠

Note that uses to give you the possibility to import your videos from YouTube, and personnaly it is a piece of software dear to my heart.

Since -dl is now unavailable on its own repository, you might think that it impacts PeerTube instances.

But the download URL which our wrapper and our auto-updater use was updated this morning, now redirecting to

Even if that URL or domain was to be taken down, PeerTube instances could still be installed but would not have a functioning import feature.

The point of focus should now be to resume development somewhere safe, potentially recovering issues along the way since they are a project's memory…

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YouTube-dl has received a DMCA takedown from RIAA | Hacker News Bon, bah RIP Youtube-dl... Enfin pour l'instant. Viendra ensuite un repository sur un serveur git perso genre

Quelques liens pour constater le joli DMCA :

C'est dommage car ça va en faire chier plus d'…

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Damn someone just donated at least $2,000. I've been watching the number go down all morning. Shortly after the announcement, they needed just under $3,000 but all that's left now is $736. I think it's pretty much a done deal that #PeerTube will meet their goal now.

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